DIY String art

FullSizeRender (1)Hey gal pals!

Woah first post! This is a good project for anyone who’s getting ready to leave home for college, or heck maybe you just really love your state! Either way this is a great, easy DIY project! I’ve seen a lot of these string artworks in stores and all over Pintrest, but if you’re frugal like me and don’t like the idea of spending twenty dollars on something you could make then keep reading!

This project will be even easier if you live in a state that isn’t as intricate as the state Maryland. If your a middle state lucky you! either way it’s still fun and you’ll love it once it’s done, for my fellow intricate states be careful hammering. For your string art you will need something’s you hopefully have laying around your house but if not that’s okay this is fairly inexpensive. You’ll need some type of wooden plaque, wood stain, tiny nails, craft string, hot glue gun, glue sticks and a hammer, an extra I would suggest would be gloves for staining the wood.

I stained my wood with just a paper towel and let it sit over night preferably somewhere where you won’t be able to smell it, wood stain is pretty potent. Once your wood is all dried print out an outline of your state. You’ll have to paste it onto a Word Document or if you don’t have Word use Google Docs, it’s a great alternative if you can’t buy Word. Now this part is a little tricky, if your good at math you could measure your wood and see how big you need your outline to be but if your not (aka me) you could guesstimate it. It took me three tries to get the right size, next step cut your outline out, then place your outline on the wood and nail it down. I would suggest nailing down a few in the corners first then start doing the rest to make sure the outline doesn’t move on you. Peel your outline off of your nails and voila! You now have an outline of your state on your wood. This is the fun part stringing your art, you could use your state colors like I did or any that you like. You could go any way with stringing but where you start make sure you hot glue it so it stays on the nail once your done stringing hot glue the other end. I used two colors so I had to use the hot glue gun a little more.

After that your pretty much done! if you wanna add a little saying at the bottom like I did you could use regular paint or a metallic pen, I used both but ended up not liking the paint thank goodness it wiped off easily. Happy crafting gals! Hope your DIY’s turn out great I would love to see them!







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