Adventures in new cities

Hey Gal Pals!

I just wanted to share some neat pictures I took from last week. Erika and I went adventuring in Ellicot City the other day, and I thought it’d be cool to show them to you all!

Ellicott City is a town in Maryland, it’s a historic district in our state and a must see for any one who’s in the area! There’s small shops, boutiques and good eats around the cities main street, if any of you get a chance it’s worth the stop.

For people unfamiliar with the area Ellicott City had a major flash flood last year on July, 30th 2016. The sight was truly unbelievable, but not even in a years time they have restored most of the city and it’s quite the tourist attraction. You would’ve never guessed their had been a flood if you went now, the city is thriving and the historic town is still a great place to visit! It’s very heart warming to see the city in such great shape after this accident.

And now for the pictures, hope your summer’s are going great and you too are having adventures!


Erika appreciating some art
Cute little canvas we found in a boutique
Sweet Elizabeth Jane Boutique
Enjoying the pretty flowers


Ellicott City Bridge


People balancing rocks in the stream that goes through the city

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