Come meet me!

Hey gal pal’s! you clicked on this for a reason, to learn more about me and that’s great because I’m excited to share!

My blog got started in June of 2017 right before entering college, I realized most people had a niche or something they were passionate about and I plan to find mine here! I thought to myself well I love helping others and what better way to share my thoughts and experiences than with a blog. I’m an everyday girl just like you all and I’d love to share as I uncover. This was launched as a community for all gal’s alike and college students, as readers you’re going to receive a wide variety of post’s from college to lifestyle. I’m still learning as I go with this blog and I’d love to ride this roller coaster with you guys. So if your ready, so am I!

I am an almost college student, who spends her day’s enjoying iced coffee, puppers, minions and a good life. I live on the east coast and my favorite activity would be spending my time outside. I’m driven by my aspiration to achieve great things and to help others. I would love if you all joined me on this journey of expressing myself and the discovery of new ideas.